Moduly will represent Quebec at WEBSUMMIT 2020

For those who don't know, the Web Summit is one of the world's biggest tech events that brings together early-stage, early-to-market or growing startups. Thanks to Bonjour Startup Montreal, Moduly was nominated along with other tech unicorns to participate in the Web Summit.

Quebec and Canada are working together to make companies with high international growth potential shine. This great initiative allows various Quebec Startups like Moduly to shine across the planet and build relationships, partnerships, receive feedback from potential investors and even make their first sale.

For Moduly, this will be the perfect time to unveil its technology and also build strategic alliances with various international players in energy, environment and solar.

Moduly is very honored to have been selected among the top 10 startups to make Quebec Shine. This is a magnificent opportunity to stand out and make great progress in our deployment. Thank you to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and to Bonjours Startup for this magnificent initiative.

Join us in December 2-4 by visiting the Web summit to book your ticket:

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